My cup of molten lava runneth over

Dear Mother Nature,

Maybe youve been distracted lately, but its November tomorrow. I realize you are the undisputed expert on the subject, so I hope you will pardon my impudence, but the four seasons are supposed to be divided into roughly equal parts. Summer had its turn. Fall and Winter want a chance to show their stuff. It is already snowing in many parts of the country. It is time to turn down the temp in the Grand Canyon state.

If we have to be unseasonable anything, can it be cool? Please.




Multitasking Stinks

At one point yesterday* I was watching a LiveMeeting training on my right monitor while listening to the corresponding audio on my office phone wireless headset in my right ear. On my left monitor I was responding to emails, analyzing a spreadsheet, and responding to instant message queries from a co-worker. During that already insane mix, my beloved called me on my cell phone…so that took care of my left ear.

I’m not entirely sure where my brain was during this whole episode.

*Ironically, my calendar showed unavailable, my phone was set on “Send all Calls” to voicemail, my email was set on “Out of Office”, and my instant messenger was set to “Do Not Disturb” during this block of time. Modern work life is ridiculous! The only way to be truly unreachable is to go scuba diving.

I'm working on it...

After I teach my kids how to clean their rooms and do the dishes, I’m going to teach them how to do this…


iPod turns 7

On this day in 2001 Apple introduced the world to the iPod.

Thank you Steve Jobs. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Confused about the 2008 ballot measures in AZ, here's some help

Ballot measures are almost always confusing since the language used, like Payday Loan Reform might be the opposite of what the law would actually do.  Heres some things that might help clear the fog:

A general guide, with brief summaries for and against, plus lots of related links:


Some conservative political guys and how their voting:


Confused about judges, heres some local GOP opinions:



Not specifically related to the ballot initiatives, but I like this guys blog because it is politically hyper-local:



Red lipstick, good pumps, and a great push-up bra

I was cleaning out some very old emails (circa 2005) and I found this one from Katie to Andrew, about how Andrew & Reachel ended up together.  I can’t remember what the original story about the bed is I’ll have to track down and scan a picture of the infamous cross-dressing incident and post it here.


I loved your story about how you owe your relationship to Reachel's
bed. But I got to thinking, you would have never met Josie and
Lynnley had I not told you about the Enclave and introduced you to
Brian and Justin. And you and I would have never known each other had
Becky and Richard never married. And Becky and Richard owe their
relationship to the fact that Richard dressed up like a girl to
sneak into Becky's dorm room her freshman year. So I guess what I'm
trying to say is you and Reachel owe your wonderful relationship to
not only a fantastic bed, but to some red lipstick, good pumps, and
a great push-up bra! I mean who would have thought that so much
love could have come out of one casual incidence of cross-dressing.
Oh the heavens must have been beaming on that day!




Looking like a landslide

<<ScreenShot_1 16-Oct-08.gif>>

Thanks Austin for telling me about Intradelike IEM, fascinating.

The Debate: I tried to be very objective when I watched the debate last night.  Im a true swing voter.  I want to like McCain much more than I actually do like him.  I wish I was more excited about the Republican option.  Romney would have been much more compelling. 

I think McCain did TERRIBLE last night.  He came across as angry and befuddled.  His grimacing throughout the process looked strange.  He kept focusing on trivialities.  His attacks just bounced off Obama.

Social Conservatism My brother Andrew made an interesting point a few days ago: many social conservatives make single issues, like abortion, a deciding factor in their voting decisions.  Yet, despite 2 Reagan terms, 1 Bush senior term, and 2 Bush junior terms (20 of the last 28 years with pro-life Republicans at the helm)Roe vs. Wade has remained unchanged.

Im extremely pro-life, but maybe, just maybe, we need to consider the full spectrum of issues when making our voting decisions.

Constitutional Confusion:  At what point in our history did Presidents start talking like they are the ones who make the laws?  I find it mildly humorous that presidential candidates always talk about when Im president this is how its going to be..  Last time I read the Constitution, the legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the laws, and the judicial branch interprets the laws.  Remember: checks and balances.

All these grand plans that McCain and Obama quibble about like universal health care and changing the tax code only become realities if congress makes it so. 


Dow Jones Industrial Average

One year ago on October 9, 2007 the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at its all time high of 14,164.53.

Today it closed at 8,579.19.

Trillions dollars, a few of them minegone.


Weekend in UT

In case you need either a tow or new tires en route to UT:

Wii Sports does not counteract the effects of not playing real tennis in 16 years:

Jason playing tennis with us. Oh wait, maybe not...

Jean's B-day gift from her AZ s-i-l's

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Jarom's amazing stretch of getting 100 mpg

Barreling down the freeway at >70 mph about to crash into an on-coming semi!


The Wisdom of Crowds

I learned about the Iowa Electronic Market (IEM) when I first read The Wisdom of Crowds. The IEM is a prediction market that works similar to the stock market, except what is being traded is election results. Historically, the IEM has been more accurate than polling data at predicting the eventual outcome.

When I looked this morning, Barack Obama is favored to win by ten points:

Im fascinated by things like prediction markets