The Best of 2010

A few of my favorites from 2010

  • New movies: Inception, Ghost Writer, 500 Days of Summer, Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • Re-watched movies: About a Boy, Groundhog Day

  • Artist: Feist

  • Once in a lifetime event: Grandpa Ray's funeral

  • Favorite person: Becky (for the 15th consecutive year)

  • Coolest event: Jason winning an Emmy

  • Best personal finance decisions: switching from Dish to Netflix, from Qwest to Ooma, buying rental property

  • Favorite stocks: Netflix, Apple, Amazon

  • Favorite device: iPhone
  • Favorite new services: Netflix, Amazon Prime

  • Most visited websites: Wikipedia, Yahoo Finance, Mint, Pandora, Facebook, Google Reader, Gmail, Amazon, Bing Weather
  • Best vacation: Caribbean cruise

  • Most interesting overheard words: solipsism, consanguinity, automagically, vituperative, pickwickean
  • Best work decisions:

    1. Changing Outlook to open to my calendar instead of my inbox (starting my day with my agenda instead of other people's)
    2. Using automatic Rules in Outlook and Gmail to reduce email burden
    3. Signing out of MS Communicator (incoming interruptions outnumbered outgoing messages 10:1)
    4. Bringing in a mini fridge

  • Most thought provoking ideas: 
    1. Fowler's Stages of Faith
    2. Chapter 9 of The Happiness Hypothesis
    3. Guns, Germs, & Steel: the troubling lack of large herbivorous domesticated mammals in pre-Columbian North and South America

  • Most memorable TED Talks:
    1. Hans Rosling on Asia's rise (I changed my entire investment strategy based on this presentation)

    1. Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity

    1. Tim Ferris on swimming

    • Favorite new productivity tools:
      1. RescueTime
      2. MeetingTimer


      Currently Reading: Googled

      Currently Reading: Googled

      Very interesting...