A lucky penny

I figure it takes one second to stoop down and pick up a penny on the ground. If you do the math, that is equivalent to earning $36.00 per hour ($0.01 x 60 secs x 60 mins = 3600).

Therefore, from a purely econimic benefit point of view, here is what it is worth on an hourly basis to pick up the following coins:

1 penny = $36.00 per hour

1 nickel = $180.00 per hour

1 dime = $360.00 per hour

1 quarter = $900.00 per hour

Think about that next time you see something silver on the ground.

Invention wish list

·Autopilot for cars

·An efficiency mode for cruise control. Rather than maintaining a certain speed, you would enter minimum & maximum speeds and the car would figure out how to get you to your destination within those ranges factoring in the terrain most efficiently. This would be especially nice if coupled with autopilot.

·Smart keys integrated with your cell phone. Your phone is your car key.

·Credit card functionality built into a smart phone. Pay with your phone. I think they already do this in Japan.

·A smart credit card that combined all your accounts into one card: you pick at time of payment which card to charge


Summer Vacation: the cold, hard facts

Summer vacation…by the numbers

1999 Honda Odyssey

July 11, 2008 Aug 10, 2008

AZ - NV - UT - ID - MT - Canada - MT - ID - UT - ID - UT - AZ

Total Distance: 4,917

Total Fuel Cost: $819

Ave Fuel cost: $4.28

Fuel Cost/Mile: $0.165

Avg MPG: 25.69