Help Us Name Our Baby

Our sixth child is officially due on January 29th. However, based on Sophie and Sam, we think January 19th is probably more realistic.

Please help us select his name. Here are our top choices for first and middle names:

  1. Charles Call (Charlie)
  2. Maxwell Call (Max)
  3. Luke Hardison
  4. William Murphy
  5. Hardison Redd
Leave us a comment on which one(s) you like.


Becky...first impressions

I found my old journal the other day. It covers – with very embarrassing handwriting and ridiculous attempts at spelling – the very tail end of my senior year of high school and my first semester of college. I re-read it looking for my first mention of Becky. It is classic! Check it out…


“Jeff & I have become good friends with Karen Eagleston and Becky Craig (plus Maggie Woods & Heidi Christensen). Jeff likes Heidi now. Becky is one of the coolest girls ever! Becky is smart, good looking, righteous, and totally HAPPY! She is always happy. We have a lot in common. Maybe I’ll fall in love with her when I get home from my mission.”

I entered the MTC exactly one month after that entry was made. It was only after I left her daily presence that I realized how much I missed her. Unbeknownst to her, for the next two years I proceeded to tell people all over Japan that she was my girlfriend.

My prediction of falling in love with her came true

(This photo was taken within days of the journal entry. We went with a group of friends to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square.)


The End of An Era

After more than 35 years with the same phone number, my parents just canceled their landline and went all cellular.