122 Degrees

June 26, 1990

This week marked the 18th anniversary of the day I spent 10 hours working with my dad outside on the hottest day in AZ history.

We knew that it was obscenely hot (you couldn't touch metal objects without getting burned), but it wasn't until later that night that we heard the news about just how hot it was -- 122 degrees. Insanely hot. Uninhabitably hot. Satan's fireplace hot.

If my memory serves me correctly, as we were pulling in to our street at the end of the day, I saw Randy out for an afternoon run.


My car needs new tires

I checked Sears, Discount Tire, Costco, and the Tire Rack. Walmart.com (with free shipping to the store of your choice) came out the clear winner.


Five minute intervals

Brigham Young once said, "I do not recollect that I have seen five minutes since I was baptized that I have not been ready to preach a funeral sermon, lay hands on the sick, or to pray in private or public." And then he added, "I will tell you the secret of this. . . . If you commit an overt act, repent of that immediately, and call upon God to deliver you from evil and give you the light of His spirit" (JD 12:102–3)

I came across this quote several years ago and have thought of it often since that time. It came to mind again this morning when our scheduled EQ instructor called this morning with the news that he would be out sick today. You never know when you will be called, unexpectedly, to preach a sermon