The 2010 National Budget

Two observations:

  1. Our national expenses FAR exceed our national income.
  2. We spend way too much on military and national defense.

(See the full, high-resolution graph of the 2010 national budget -- with all its gory details -- here.)



Had a blast at the Francom's lovely new home in Highland!

Very yummy food...
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Went to Lagoon last week. Hadn't been there in over 20 years. It was better than I remember it.
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The Truth

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5 Guys in Provo = Yummy

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Sam 1-2-3

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Only in Provo

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DIY Castle

How to increase property values and make your neighbors love you: retrofit your ordinary dwelling into a castle.

We saw this in Payson when we went to the Patio of Fire concert. Lovely.
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Big Rock Candy Mountain

My friend Morgan used to say this is where he hoped to be called on a mission.
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Signs of the recession

...near Page Arizona.
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Homemade Ice Cream

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Rhubarb pie

Becky decided to make rhubarb pie.
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