The World's Most Famous Plane

On my way to work I stopped to snap a picture of the world's most famous plane parked at Sky Harbor.

Obama is in town...
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Long Lost Friends: Rebecca Shahan Snow

Becky and I had a blast crashing Rebecca's older sister Laurie's 40th birthday party.

Once again, Rebecca proved herself to be one of the world's leading conversationalists.

(Rebecca has been a great friend since we first met at a Junior High party -- 20 years ago!!)

Long Lost Friends: W Hall Boys

Unbelievably, freshman year was half our lives ago.

The W-Hall Boys: Bryce Arnett, Me, Chris Short, Jeff Arnett, Mason Lundell, & Rob MacDonald.

(Nate, we missed you)


Superbowl Commercials

Hey...I know you're not doing anything right now, so why don't you throw me a bone and go vote for my brother's ad as your favorite Superbowl commercial? (Even if it's not...hey it's good for business):


His is the CareerBuilder "Tips" ad.

One thing he excels at is polarizing people. When I checked a few minutes ago it was winning in BOTH the best and the worst category! I think it's hilarious.