I want to be more like Bill Murray...an enigma...impossible to get a hold of

A couple of weeks ago I had an incident where I had 15 minutes to finalize a presentation before an important meeting, my office phone was ringing, my cell phone was ringing, I had email messages marked “urgent” piling up in my inbox, several instant message windows blinking at the bottom of my screen asking “Can you IM?”, and a person standing in my office doorway saying “Do you have a minute?”.  The situation was completely ridiculous.  

I want to be like Bill Murray: That same weekend I read this article while having my car’s oil changed.  Spectacular.  Read it.  Seriously.  It may infect your brain with possibilities like it has infected mine. 


Emily said...

I loved this article. Thanks for sharing it.

Austin said...

This is how I'll operate. Thanks for pointing out the article.

JB said...

I think when you no longer need to work to support your lifestyle than this approach might work. Maybe it will work in your church career. I've tried it but every month two men just keep knocking on my door.